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Take a look at our categories and find out what our members have to offer. We're sure there's something for everyone, so go ahead and take a look for yourself. Enabling families to swap and share pre-loved children's sports, hobby, tech and musical equipment is our passion.

How it works


As easy as 1,2,3

Our vision of environmentalism is refresh, reuse, relove.


Give your pre-loved item a new lease of life. List your item in the relevant category and enable another child to afford the activity they love.


Browse the categories for an item your child may need now or in the future. New does not necessarily have to mean brand new. Source gently used, pre-loved, kit for a smart sustainable solution.


Spend the kidd3rkredits you earn from recycling your family's kit on an item your child needs now or save them in your member account to redeem at a later date.

Buy, Sell and Swap Options

Straight swap

Swapping is a great way to exchange hobby kit your child no longer uses for something they need. Simply upload your pre-loved item and search the ‘swap’ listings. Every kidd3r swap helps a child to find a new passion while utilising items that may otherwise go to landfill.


Earn £s or Kidd3rKredits

Just want to repurpose (not swap) your old hobby kit? No problem, simply sell your item instead. You set the price and your preferred payment option - either kidd3rkredits (our community currency) or £s (via PayPal). All we ask is that the item is in good condition.


Buy pre-loved hobby kit

Don't have anything to swap but seen something you like? You can still pick-up pre-loved hobby kit on Kidd3r simply by buying it second hand. Just message the seller, via our direct messaging service, to agree a price and payment type. If they choose kidd3rkredits, you can either use kidd3rkredits earned from your previous trades or additional kidd3rkredits can be purchased from your Kidd3r account area using PayPal.


Our favourite charities

We have carefully selected charity partners who share our values. The Young People's Trust for the Environment encourages young people to understand the needs for sustainable living. Similarly, The Courage Foundation UK focusses on community wellbeing and sharing kindness by supporting bereaved families.

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The only way to build a community is to participate. Follow our journey and share our stories. Not only will you learn how to extend your sustainable living lifestyle, you'll also take an active part in getting others involved. The more people get involved, the more swaps will be available - what's not to love?

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