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New pastimes come with a price tag, but not at kidd3r. Our aim is to build a community connecting families with pre-loved hobby, sports, music and tech equipment to swap. Designed by parents for families, kidd3r makes it quick and easy to find what you need affordably and sustainably.

Reach out, join us and get involved.

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Why let pre-loved sports and hobby equipment gather dust in the garage when another child would gratefully use it? At kidd3r our swappers represent a new generation of consumers who engage their sense of community to help fellow parents reduce their environmental footprint and keep pre-loved items out of landfill.

If you want to be part of a growing network of savvy swappers saving money and protecting the planet, join the kidd3r community and register today.


Kidd3r is a new concept and we ask you to join us on the journey of providing this sustainable solution. If you have benefitted from our service, then please tell your friends and encourage them to register. Together we can make a difference. A percentage of any funds we make will be donated to our two partner charities, thus completing the circle of kindness. 

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