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New sports and hobbies require equipment that comes with a price tag, but not at kidd3r. We've built a community connecting families looking to buy, sell, swap or donate pre-loved hobby, sports, music and electronic equipment. Designed by parents for families, kidd3r makes it quick and easy to find what you need affordably and sustainably.

Sharing is caring

Kidd3r is an online second-hand community centered around a shared goal: increasing children's equality of access to sports and hobbies by reducing the cost of equipment. It is a space for families to share, engage their sense of community and provide opportunity to the next generation.

Making an impact

By providing families with a way to help each other access great equipment, save money and reduce waste, we are excited to see how quickly sharing is making an impact.

Connect with like-minded families and serve your community as you list equipment your kids no longer use. You have the ability to help empower children to pursue new and existing passions and unlock the talent of tomorrow.

Ask questions, find answers

Through our member messaging service, start discussions, ask questions about an item, give, and receive recommendations for clubs and activities in you area. Find out about groups in your city based on your child's interests.

Support other members

We have a 'like' system for listed items. Support other members to give their item a boost. The items with the highest number of likes are shown on our home page.


We're on a mission to revolutionise our relationship with childrens' pre-loved sports and hobby kit. Saving one item of kit from landfill at a time.


We believe that "saving" money and "raising money" go hand in hand. Which is why we work with organisations to spread the pre-love and give back.


Igniting childrens' passions helps them build self confidence, learn new skills and supports their physical and mental health.