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We believe in the three 'R' concept: Refresh. Reuse. Relove.

Hi! I am Claire, mum to two energetic daughters who love to discover and try new hobbies. As parents we are all well acquainted with the requests for new kit or equipment and, naturally, we want to encourage our kids to explore what makes them happy, but we also know sports, hobbies and other pastimes generally come at a price. Sometimes a steep one.

It was when we were tasked with finding an expensive pair of Irish dancing shoes for our youngest daughter that the idea for kidd3r flourished. What’s the sense in shopping for brand new shoes our child may only wear a few times when another parent probably has a pre-loved pair they no longer need? We realised that we probably weren’t the only parents in this position, who wanted to both save money and prevent waste.

From that moment the kidd3r concept was conceived and we began our journey to making our mission a reality.

Kidd3r is the place to source and swap pre-loved sports and hobby equipment that kids no longer need. Our aim is to make it easy for families to find the hobby gear they need without buying it brand new.

From football boots to ballet pumps, or karate kit to a flute, kidd3r has you covered. Just list whatever you want another child to benefit from then browse for whatever it is you need. Kidd3r makes it simple and sustainable for families to afford new hobby equipment.

Join the savvy kidd3r community re-purposing kit they already own, enabling another child to afford an activity they would like to try.

We’ve built on the idea of creating a community where families can re-purpose their children’s, pre-loved sports and hobby gear for the next bit of kit their child may need. Not only does this allow another child to take part in a new activity at no extra cost, it also actively encourages children to think about living more sustainably. In a world where the environment is at the forefront of our minds, and particularly of our children’s kidd3r enables families to get involved and help others along the way.

Refresh. Re-use. Relove. That's the kidd3r way.

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Our mission

At kidd3r, we believing in sourcing items ethically and responsibly for the sake of minimising our impact on the planet. We’d love you to join us on the journey and make the conscious decision to swap, instead of buying new. Every swapped item helps to reduce the spread of wasteful plastic packaging doing damage to our oceans; the negative impact of shipping from overseas and reduces waste in landfill. Together, we can make a difference through the simple act of swapping instead of throwing away.

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