How Kidd3r works

To buy, sell, swap or donate kit you will first need to create an account

Create a FREE member account
I have pre-loved kit that I would like to Sell, Swap or Donate


On your account page, click + create a listing

Choose from the drop-down menu if you wish to Sell, Swap or Donate your item

Consider the shipping arrangements when pricing your item

Decide if you wish for any of the proceeds of the sale to be sent to our partner organisations who help children in need

Take a minimum of three high quality photos and write an accurate description

How transactions happen

If a member is interested in your item and would like further information before making a decision they can message you through our member messaging system. If you receive a message it will be displayed via the Your messages section on your account page.

They will either:

Require further details

BUY the item if listed for sale or donated

Send you a SWAP request if listed for swap

You will receive an email from kidd3r that contains:

Confirmation of sale if you have sold or donated the item

If you have agreed to swap the item the email will contain a link to either ACCEPT or DECLINE the swap offered for your item

Throughout this process you are able to message as often as you need through our messaging system. Members communicate to determine details such as collection arrangements, confirm postal information, timings, etc.


Once the item has been purchased by the member that means the payment process has been initiated and the funds will be paid directly into your linked bank account. Your bank details must be set up with Stripe via your My account section to enable this to happen.

The money leaves the account of the buyer and goes to Stripe. Stripe is the system we use for processing payments as it is one of the most secure payment processing platforms in the world and is trusted by millions of users. Stripe then connects the buyer and the seller's accounts and sends the money to you.

For the first time this can take up to 10 working days. After your first sale the process will be quicker and you will be paid faster. The whole ethos of kidd3r is based on a circle of trust and respect so our members are usually happy to send or arrange collection of items prior to the funds arriving. The funds have already been collected by Stripe so there is no need to wait.


Please ensure your item is clean and in working order. If you like, please include a message as to how the item has been previously enjoyed by your child.

I want to Buy pre-loved children's kit

Found a piece of kit that you would like? Swerve that item from landfill and extend its useful life. If you have a question regarding the item there is a CONTACT MEMBER link within each listing.

BUY the item if it is listed for sale.

Send a SWAP request for e.g. 'I have a hockey stick listed, can I swap for your tennis racket?'

Buy the item if it is listed for donation and make a difference to children in need.


The member will be notified via email that their item has been purchased and the payment process will be initiated. Throughout this process you can continue to communicate with the member via our messaging system. To reach your messages simply go to Your account page and click Messages on the left hand side of the page and you will find your message threads.


You can co-ordinate delivery or collection arrangements via the messaging service. Find some helpful suggestions for arranging delivery within the delivery section of the FAQs.

Useful links and FAQs

If you have further questions you should be able to find the answers within the FAQs below.

Any issues, questions or suggestions we would be delighted to hear from you so please do drop your email below and we will get back to you.

A straight swap is as easy as it sounds. You agree to swap one pre-loved item for a pre-loved item belonging to another member of the kidd3r community, a straight swap. No money is exchanged and each member arranges their own delivery by communicating via our messaging service. Straight swaps are encouraged as a smart sustainable solution for sourcing the next piece of kit your child needs and achieves an environmentally friendly solution for that piece of kit your child no longer has a use for. Straight swaps are usually conducted for items of a similar value.

One of the many benefits of using kidd3r is our unique swap request facility. If a member would like to arrange a swap they can send you a swap request via their account area. You will be notified, via email, that you have a swap request. Once notified, simply log in to your account area, view the suggested item and simply choose to accept or decline the swap. Once confirmed as accepted the item will be removed from both members listings. You can then use our messaging service to arrange collection or delivery. Delivery arrangements and cost are mutually agreed member to member.

We entrust both buyers and sellers on kidd3r to take an active, honest and responsible approach to the trades (swaps) they choose to conduct. To avoid issues with a swap we advise members to be as descriptive as possible when they create the listing for their item. Members (buying) bear the responsibility of reviewing the listing’s photos, description and item's condition. If you’re unsure about any aspect of a listing, message the member before committing to the swap. Swaps are undertaken at your own risk, however Kidd3r is committed to working with both members to ensure a fair and equitable outcome should any dispute arise.

Do not post anything on the site that could pose a security risk for anyone. This includes screenshots of private communications or personal information.

Yes, all swaps & trades are final on kidd3r. Kidd3r is dedicated to providing a safe and trustworthy marketplace so that buyers and sellers can swap with confidence. You agree and accept a swap at your own risk. However, if you have a dispute about an item, that you’re unable to resolve directly with a member, contact us and we will help.

One of the many benefits of kidd3r is that listing your items for exchange is completely free. When creating your listing and uploading your item please be as honest in describing your item and provide as much relevant information about your pre-loved kit as possible. Take care to be thorough and accurate about details such as the condition, and include photos. This way our members know exactly what they are getting and the risk of dispute is decreased. Use our secure messaging service to provide additional item information if requested.

Delivery arrangements are conducted member to member via our messaging system. This allows our members the opportunity to choose the most convenient method for them. Delivery costs are mutually agreed member to member if applicable.

We ask that you arrange delivery of your item within four days of the date of confirmation/acceptance of the swap. We recommend that if you post the item that you obtain a tracking method to ensure safe delivery.

Our members communicate via our secure messaging facility. We strongly encourage thorough communication before and during your swap. If you have questions about the quality or condition of the item that is not addressed in the listing, it's best to communicate these prior to the agreement of a swap. In addition, answering questions promptly regarding your listings will lead to a successful trade/swap. It’s also courteous to keep members informed regarding the delivery status of items.

Keeping communication on our platform is designed to be for your benefit. When communications stay on site it allows us to provide assistance should any dispute arise.

You must be at least 13 years of age and if under the age of 18 have the permission of a guardian.

No, we ask that your send your item directly to your fellow swapper or buyer. We simply facilitate the swapping function and enable affordable sustainability through connections made via our community of like-minded families.

When listing an item, the member selling displays the price for that item. Delivery should have been included in the sale price but we recommend that you check if delivery is at additional cost. If the member is local to you perhaps you could arrange collection to avoid delivery fees. The member will be notified by email that you wish to purchase their item.

We utilise Stripe, a payment platform trusted by millions of businesses of all sizes to accept member payments.

Firstly, we would always suggest contacting the member via our messaging system. We are all busy and it is possible that the member has just missed the email. If you are still interested feel free to give them a gentle reminder.

If you have still not heard from them then do, please reach out to us and we will do our best to get in contact with them.

Members decide between them the most convenient delivery option. If you decide you would like your item sent to you, we recommend that you request proof of delivery. Ask for the reference to be shared with you. In the event of a dispute a reference always speeds up the process.

A "not as described" item should be materially different from the item displayed and described in the item listing. This includes:

  • Different item or version
  • Wrong condition, e.g. listing stated the item was ‘new’ when it has clearly been used
  • Missing major parts or features and this was not mentioned in the listing
  • Damaged during delivery

We have worked hard to provide our members with a safe, respectful and trustworthy community, where our members can feel good about enabling swaps and trade kit with other families. However, we understand that we are all under pressure and juggling a lot each day. Mistakes happen, we get it! And when they do, we expect our members to do everything they can to make the situation better so that our members continue to trust our community.

If a member has requested to swap or trade an item from you, then we expect you to complete the transaction. This means that once a member has purchased your item or you have agreed to a swap, you arrange delivery of the item. All swaps and sales are final on kidd3r and we expect our community members to be respectful of each other and fulfil their transactions. We understand that mistakes happen, but the whole process relies on members fulfilling their obligations.

We are committed to building a trustworthy community. It is our aim to build a safe and sustainable platform for parents, grandparents, and carers to swap/trade pre-loved kids kit.

Almost everyone within the kidd3r community could be a buyer or a seller, so consider these guidelines:


  • Carefully read the listing information and description before committing to swap/trade.


  • Provide simple and concise titles for your item, clear photos and detailed descriptions.
  • If sending your item, securely package for safe transit. We highly recommend obtaining and providing delivery/tracking information.

Maximum of two accounts per household.

You must be at least 13 and have the permission of a guardian. Members under 18 will need to submit the legal name of their parent or legal guardian to sell or swap items on Kidd3r.

Simply log into your account and click the Delete account button on the lower left hand side of the screen. Remember if you have any items listed for sale you will also need to delete your Stripe account.

Kidd3r is a family friendly marketplace. We therefore strictly prohibit the listing of certain items, to protect our members. Should an item present a legal risk, be inconsistent with our values or harmful to our members, it will be deleted. Members who repeatedly attempt to list such items will be permanently suspended from kidd3r. This policy forms part of our Terms of Service.

Users can be suspended from using certain parts of the site. Displays of inappropriate behaviour can lead to kidd3r account suspension without warning. If suspended, members will be notified via email with the details. Multiple suspensions or account violations can result in a full account ban and loss of access to your member account.

We take fraud seriously and prohibit the following actions:

  • Non delivery of listed item(s)
  • A single user signing up for multiple accounts
  • Creation of more than two accounts per household
  • Harassing other members
  • Using hateful, inflammatory, language on the site within our messaging system
  • Exploiting the kidd3r site
  • Misrepresentations of your listing

Here are some suggestions but due to the nature of our marketplace we can offer no guarantees.

Current RRP

Do some research online to see how much your kit item is currently selling for new. It may have had a price alteration since you purchased the kit. Consider our members will often research items before making the decision to purchase second hand.


Choose the selection we provide - It is new, gently used, or has it been much loved and had a lot of use. Always ensure an accurate reflection of your item within the photos that you take, ensuring any flaws are identified.

After your payment has been received by Stripe, the selling member will be notified by email. Please contact the member via our messaging service to confirm the delivery arrangements.

We ask our members to arrange a mutually convenient method of delivery as soon as possible. We request that members exchange or deliver items within three days of a swap/sale being agreed.

If sending your item, we highly recommend that you obtain proof of postage from your preferred carrier. Please retain it in case something goes wrong in transit.

In order to calculate shipping you need to know the parcel size and weight.

For parcels under 2kg we recommend Royal Mail. Royal Mail will even collect from your doorstep for 72p if you buy postage online (you will need to print the label).

For larger items use a courier of your choice. We can recommend Parcel Force. They will pick up from your doorstep and bring a label.


We're on a mission to revolutionise our relationship with childrens' pre-loved sports and hobby kit. Saving one item of kit from landfill at a time.


We believe that "saving" money and "raising money" go hand in hand. Which is why we work with organisations to spread the pre-love and give back.


Igniting childrens' passions helps them build self confidence, learn new skills and supports their physical and mental health.