A tennis racket should serve more than one child

A tennis racket should serve more than one child

It is interesting to me to realise just how intrinsic the values I hold personally have effectively formed the kidd3r platform. Values which have formed the basis of many of the elements, audience messaging, to name just one example. I gave myself the space to truly consider the values that I would like kidd3r to represent, values that are important to me as an individual, that I can return back to time and time again and here they are:

Generosity, Connection, Opportunity and Empowerment

Just take the simple image above a boy enjoying his tennis on a summer’s day and how I see the application of kidd3r values within it. It would take generosity of spirit from the family that this racket belongs to take the extra step to consider how to extend the rackets useful life, when perhaps he has moved to start a new hobby, lets say karate for example. The kidd3r marketplace gives that family the opportunity to connect with another family and give another child the gift of opportunity to try tennis, to see if it is an activity their child may enjoy and pursue excellence in. Who knows they may be raising the next Andy Murray! This simple act of kindness of taking the time to upload the item to kidd3r, taking the time to send the item will empower the next child to enjoy the many physical and mental benefits an extra-curricular activity such as tennis can offer children.

It also provides the platform the opportunity to create a revenue generation opportunity with a positive environmental outcome. When the next family purchases the pre-loved racket (at a much lower rate than if they were to buy new) a % of the transaction could be diverted to out charity partners empowering disadvantaged children. They may even be able to pick up the racket for free if they have an item that the member has expressed an interest in swapping the racket for.

Taking the time to consider the true values and the real ‘Why’ around what I am trying to achieve has provided me with a sense of clarity for the road ahead. During the time when we developed the platform I was encouraged to consider the human psyche, to take time to consider a potential member’s thinking. This aligns with my thought process that members of our kidd3r community are now seeking meaning in their interactions and are open to the possibility of exchanging/swapping rather than simply reverting to the default consumerism approach of lets buy new. It is such as exciting time with support growing daily for the concept of exchanging and swapping items with many sites being proof of the concept, individuals willing to share/swap items, cars, even their entire homes.