It’s easy to feel you can’t personally make a difference to help the environment – but kidd3r can help you do just that. Each of us plays an integral part of the bigger picture, and through our combined efforts, we can make a difference together!

Our mission here at kidd3r is to help our members to consume less. That is a bold statement and not an easy problem to solve. We are not going to start to solve the problem by shopping our way to a greener planet. To the contrary: Buying yet more unnecessary belongings depletes natural resources and generates carbon emissions, pollution and waste. However, kidd3r can help.

  • Our vision of environmentalism is refresh, re-use and re-love. New does not necessarily have to mean brand new - gently used, pre-loved can be just as useful. You can help by repurposing kit that your children own, it already exists.

  • We would love to encourage behavioural change and create an altruistic community where members work together to reduce waste, recycle, re-purpose and help one other to source the kit our kids need to stay fit and healthy.

  • Kidd3r aims to facilitate swapping, enabling those who would like to play their part in encouraging the next generation to think buying something used/ swapping is as environmentally correct and typical as conservation and recycling. Very few brands or companies will have the courage to stand up and say to consumers, let’s use what exists in the world today, but we will.

  • As parents, ourselves we recognise the impact a busy family life coupled with all the kit our children require can have on the planet. Our vision is to facilitate the ability to swap & share pre-owned kit to help others to reduce their family’s environmental footprint with the additional benefit of also raising money for charity. Through a circular commerce model Kidd3r is a way of providing your children with the items they need without the environmental cost.

  • Most people think you must make a product in a certain way through certain methods for it to be green. We are saying “What if you don’t have to make the new product at all, why not utilise a piece of kit that already exists, that another child has already enjoyed”?

Enabling greener commerce is our priority. Connecting members to enjoy resource-saving, pre-loved products is something we are extremely passionate about. It’s one of the ways we think we can, together with our kidd3r community, have a positive impact in the world.

It would help us hugely if your family could consider our pledge and register. This enables us to spread the word! The more people who know about kidd3r the larger the community will grow. The larger the kidd3r community grows the greater the pool of swappable items. Encourage your friends to consider the pledge and they too can benefit from kidd3rkredits when they upload their pre-loved items. It couldn’t be simpler, you could even say it’s child’s play!